How to navigate My Cancer Treatment

Finding Your Cancer Treatment

Visit the “Find Your Treatment” page and follow these three easy steps to find your cancer treatment…

1. Search by location

Search for NHS cancer services anywhere in England by inserting the city or postcode.
Search by location

2. Select your Cancer Service by either:

  • Affected Area
    Choose from drop down list of body areas
  • Treatment
    Choose either chemotherapy or radiotherapy services
  • Clinical Team
    Select the clinical team of doctors and other healthcare professionals who treat the specific cancer type

Select your Cancer Service

3. Choose the Hospital

The list of hospitals and relevant community services available will be listed. This selection of hospitals is determined by the criteria entered at steps 1 and 2.
Choose the Hospital

Accessing the My Cancer Treatment reports

Now that you have located your cancer service, you can access the report and compare it with similar services from other hospitals.

Select the hospital from the list and it will appear on the map, with two icons.

Accessing the My Cancer Treatment reports

Read the Report

To read the detailed report select the report icon Report icon. The reports includes a range of information on the quality of the service provided, including how the clinical team compares nationally, patient waiting times, whether any concerns were raised, as well as results from the National Patient Experience Survey.

Read the Report

Compare Services

Compare up to three different services anywhere in England, select the comparison icon Compare report icon and this will add the service to the comparison list, which is located underneath the map.

The comparison list can be edited by removing services using the blue X.

Compare Services

Once you have selected the services you would like to compare, select ‘Comparison report’ button and you will have an easy to read, side by side comparison report.

Compare Services

Download this page as a PDF: My Cancer Treatment Leaflet 2013