About Us

Background to the National Peer Review Programme

My Cancer Treatment is brought to you by the National Peer Review Programme, hosted by NHS England. The National Peer Review Programme is a quality assurance programme, which has assessed NHS cancer services, provided by acute hospitals trust and community services since 2001.

The key objectives of the National Peer Review Programme focus on improving care for people with cancer and their families by:

  • Ensuring cancer services are as safe as possible
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of care for cancer patients
  • Improving the patient and carer experience
  • Providing development and learning for all involved
  • Identifying local examples of good practice and encouraging their use nationally, so everyone can have access to the same quality of treatment

Following each review of a service, a report is published providing information on the quality of cancer services provided by the clinical team at the hospital or centre. The most recent report for each service can be found here on My Cancer Treatment, by using the ‘Find Your Treatment’ tool.

If you would like to learn more about the structure and stages of the programme, please visit the NPRP Process for more information.

Which cancer services do we review?

The programme reviews most NHS cancer services, including all of the common cancers and some of the rarer cancers, for the full list see here.

Cancer service refers to the multi-disciplinary team (MDT), i.e. a group of doctors and other health professionals with expertise in a specific cancer, who together are responsible for planning and providing the clinical treatment and care.

How do we review the cancer services?

The cancer services are assessed against a set of ‘measures’, specific to the tumour type. You can find the measures for each cancer type here, under Resources.

Each set of measures has been nationally agreed by clinical experts of that field. The measures are based on implementing the Improving Outcomes Guidance (IOG), written by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). If you would like to know more about the IOG, please visit the NICE website www.nice.org.uk/guidance

What information can you find on My Cancer Treatment?

The assessments of the cancer services are available here on My Cancer Treatment, providing up to date information about the quality of care provided by the service.

The reports available on My Cancer Treatment provide information to help you decide where to go for your cancer treatment, seek a second opinion or to find out more, including:

  • How well the team compares to all the other teams in the country, providing the same service
  • If any serious concerns or immediate risks had been identified compromising patient care or safety
  • If the cancer service has all relevant members of the team
  • Percentage of patients seen by the hospital, in adherence with the waiting times
  • National survey results of other patient’s experience of care in that hospital

If you have any questions or comments about the information provided on My Cancer Treatment, we would like to hear from you: enquiries@mycancertreatment.info